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No Control

This feeling isn’t new.
It’s like a skydiver has taken my heart as a parachute.
Free falling.
My heart holding on as it folds into itself,
Against the pressure of the wind and the view,
The ground growing closer,
Dots becoming shapes,
Shades of green and brown
Turning into backyards and farms.
When is the cord going to be pulled?
When is the relief going to come?
So that I know that my heart
Isn’t going to go splat on the sidewalk
Next to the promises that I made to myself.
I wear my heart on my sleeve,
Not in a romantic kind of way,
But in a truth kind of way,
In a goodness kind of way.
And yet, here I am again,
Losing the ground beneath my feet,
Air getting lost on the way to my lungs,
All because I trusted myself,
To squish down the feelings that are
Fighting a civil war in my chest.
I promised I wasn’t going to allow a person to be my trigger,
But what can I do if I gave them the bullet?

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I spent my day 

With an anxious heart.

I go on my day,

But with every beat,

I feel the unrest that

Lives behind my lungs,

Aching into every breath,

Seeping into my veins,

Turning my nerves into fire,

Causing the brain to malfunction. 


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Embracing Comfort

To me
You’re just a blur
In a picture
That won’t focus
Giving a migraine
Of longing pain
That digs into
My one weakness
That is always
Looking back
Giving the comfort
To know
You are close enough
For me to go
Running back
To you
So I can
keep walking



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The Uninvited Truth

I mean no harm when I speak the truth
I’m just trying to watch out for you
But now all I hear is silence
Knowing my words did not come invited
So I sit holding my breath
Till I hear the familiar tone
Of  your message on my phone.



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Jump, Leap and Run

Have you ever thought it wouldn’t all work out?
That it is all to good to be true.
You are just waiting until it all comes
Waiting for the failure to arrive.
To busy to realize the success that’s already been accomplished.
Is it our fault or society’s?
Are we taught to always be on guard?
To keep the idea of failure in the back of our minds?
Are we taught to strive for success and that failing is failure.
A mistake.
Where do we draw the line?
Should we be afraid?
Avoiding activities or goals because we are afraid of failing?
Have we become so ashamed to not succeed?
Shouldn’t we take some risk,
Get past that nagging voice of fear in our heads.
We are essentially
Another door is always open
But if you don’t jump at the opportunity,
Then it just becomes a door.
An incomplete.
A risk can be that changing moment in your life,.
IF you fail, you failed.
Move on and get past it.
Live your life without fear because you have already faced your fear.
So, jump, leap, and run.


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I Crave The Me That You See

I crave the me that you see.
I have lost sight of my own eyes.
Disbelief has made my reflection compromised.
As if my head has been disconnected.
My heart, my brain, infected.


I feel like an absentee.
I crave the me that you see.
So much potential you say
Do I believe you or fade away?
How much of me am thee?
Like tasting fruit from a poisonous tree.


I try to give the third degree
I crave the me that you see
Me is turning into you.
A lost soul with no point of view,
A vision of what you craved
This is the path that you paved.


But I will be an escapee
A mirror I will come across
My poetry is like my sign of the cross.
A reflection that my mind can recognize
I will not need the sight of my eyes.
To crave the me that I read.



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When the Wall Breaks

When my shirt hit the floor,

The feeling of hate was no more.

This was just what I was looking for.

A time to forget, a time to remember.

Your lips are on mine, I feel myself tremble.

Just close my eyes and live in the moment,

To act before we lose our momentum.

I don’t love, I don’t hate.

What you are is fate.

Giving me a moment,

To not torment,

But giving me fulfillment.

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Living Fear


What the human race is never short of.

Emotion that is consistent

Among races, ages and time.

What makes it thrive

Through so many lives?

Bodies riddled with

Fast paced hearts,

And Sweaty palms.

Automatically choosing to give into the feeling

That swallows us so easily.

Are we to believe that this has to be?

You only live once

Can only be if we truly see

What fear has to be to be free.

We preach about taking charge

And letting be.

But we can only be if we are not

Constantly fleeing.

But if fear is the way to a new beginning

Trusting that our fleeing can be deceiving

That it’s our unconscious way of leading

To the life we should be living.

Then maybe our fearing is relieving.

By: Honestlynne


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