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Naively Aware

I have forgotten the song your voice plays
How the notes are imprinted across my soul
They lay dormant
Till they can render your love.

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it takes time
to find the courage again
to sift through the evidence of your heart break
careful to not be cut from the sharp edges
the previous scars are only just fading
you hold them as if they are delicate flowers
determined to not let them cause you any more pain
you know how to protect yourself now
you have layers of security that no one can hack
you are a fortress with an army that has seen darkness
they don’t want to go back
so you banish the triggers
use the glass from your old heart to rebuild
and when it seems to be too much
you commence a purge of emotions into words
as if your soul is getting a spring cleaning
you know now that you will still be standing
after the coldest of times.


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Your Eyes Can See

It’s easy. I know.

A tiresome human characteristic

To believe what is in the mirror.

It’s hard to not see a disillusion,

The best view of you is not in your reflection.


It’s in their eyes.

Those eyes that see you,

Those who hear your true voice,

Not the one that you hear in your head,

The voice that flows into their being.


They won’t fail you.

The ones that count.

They flourish in your vision,

Where you doubt, they have hope,

Strength you lack, you gifted to them.


They gift to you as well.

Being the image that you deserve,

So that you no longer need,

To listen to your internal monologue,

And paint your own reflection.
(Not 100% this is where I want this, but for now.) 

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