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One offhanded phrase

to stab the heart

shattering an existence

based on expectations

ending with disbelief.

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I’m sitting in the prime location,


A spot, where you can watch your world,

Another beginning, everything has paused,

You recognize the people in line,

The couple at the window,

The girl slouched in the corner over her laptop,

It’s natural, down to the macchiato on the table,

Everything that has past is still here,

I have a front row seat to the story of me,

Every cringe worthy moment on hand,

Hypnotizing, sending anxiety drones hurling,

A sound of unfamiliar cadence captures me

Just outside the window, beyond the haze,

The torturing repetition is encapsulating,

I need to swim through the stars,

Following the notes to a new scene,

Escape route unknown, my post has no more advantage,

My world has hit it’s climax,

But its a world that I have experienced,

I just need to take my coffee to go.


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Always Learning

I didn’t lose a part of me,

I wasn’t so lucky this time.

My fingers walk along my skin,

A hidden roadmap to my being.

It’s there along my rib cage,

no warmth or pulse.

A reminder, a battle wound,

I give it respect for its determined permanence.

It jolts my heart with every graze and brush.

I look at where I was, a shell filled with pain,

shaken to the core beyond myself.

Hours, minutes, seconds,

my only medicine.

I’m strong.

I’m strong.

I’m strong.

The only mantra worth repeating.

It will be there at every junction,

It’s there along my rib cage,

but I know these streets,

I will soon learn a detour.


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