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Happy Writing Poets!

Threw this together for National Poetry Day. In its raw state but I think its appropriate. Happy Writing Poets!!

The first time

the feeling is alien

yet trusting

it stews for days

determining a plan

an attack

of feelings and truth

crawling up inside

fighting to be expressed

and then…

a simple act

a sharpened pencil

blank piece of paper

releases an abundance

of phrases so eloquent

a feeling of awe

strikes you so perfectly

it all comes together

all thats left is a


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When the Wall Breaks

When my shirt hit the floor,

The feeling of hate was no more.

This was just what I was looking for.

A time to forget, a time to remember.

Your lips are on mine, I feel myself tremble.

Just close my eyes and live in the moment,

To act before we lose our momentum.

I don’t love, I don’t hate.

What you are is fate.

Giving me a moment,

To not torment,

But giving me fulfillment.

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