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Love is Beginning

A girl with a crush

Feeling the heart rush

Conversations so hush

They make her flush

She tells her thoughts ‘shush!’

Their hands brush

She wants to gush

His smile makes her blush.

Do you think he has a crush?

By: HonestLynne

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Glorious Sun

Under the glorious sun

try and find the fun

With so little a stake

It’s not hard to partake

Feel the heat on your skin

It’s not hard to pin

Everything is so alive

Under the big blue sky

Find some water to splash

Go out with a bash

Find some children that laugh

Climb a tree high as a giraffe

When the sun is out shining

Don’t leave yourself pining

For the night will come calling

The sun will start falling.

By: HonestLynne

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Just a girl

I still can’t say your name,

Look at your picture or touch your things.

There is a pain in my heart

That makes it hard to breathe.


I try to remember what you were like,

The sound of your voice or the way that you laughed.

But in the end my head is empty

With nothing but a distant memory.


Memories are what hold people together

But for you and me that won’t be seen.

For you and I could be strangers in a crowd

Too much time past for us to recognize.


So I can only live on people’s stories

But even that was 15 years of avoiding

For seeing your life through other’s eyes

Only left me aching.


Hearing how we are alike,

That I have your nose, smile and laugh.

Only makes the thought of you

Even more heartbreaking.


For at the age of 6,

I was Daddy’s Girl.

For at the age of 7,

I was just a girl.

By: HonestLynne

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Happy Endings

I‘m driving.
It’s raining hard and the roads are wet.
I hit the gas to go faster and faster but
to only shift my foot cautiously back to the brake.
Worrisome, nervousness, and anger are racing through my heart
as I think about what I’m is going to find.
I lets loose of my grip on the steering wheel
only to check my phone for messages.

I pull into the parking lot and drive slowly
looking for my destination.
I see the white car glistening under the light and rain.
I park next to it. Jumping from the car,
leaving everything behind, the car door unlocked
and running through the rain to the passenger door of the white car.

I open it.
I hear the music first but then I hear the quiet sobs from inside.
I sit down and close the door.
Without words,
I pull my friend close to me and wraps my arms around her.
As I start to comfort her, she cant keep it in any longer.
She cries, letting out all the feelings that have been eating her up inside.
She cries until there are no more tears for her to spill.
I held her silently until the sobs got quieter,
her body wasn’t shivering any longer,
until her breathing started to become normal again.
Only the sounds of the music and the storm filled the car.

When she was ready, she spoke of everything on her mind.
There were times when she was in a fit of rage and
then times when tears started to start down her face again.
She was an eighteen year old whose
heart was shattered into a million pieces.
She would never be the same.
Unlike a puzzle, the pieces of her heart would never fit back the right way.

As I was driving home that night,
the car was silent except for the rain,
I began to think about why some things happen.
She couldn’t see past her love and so she was punished?
She deserves to be happy once in a while.
We all deserve a happy ending.
Maybe not at eighteen,
but when?

By: HonestLynne

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