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Lost and Found

It is all said and done
Silence sitting restless
Broken tears unnerving
I sit in total patience
For my heart to close
The pain to be lost
In a mountain of treasures
With the last stitch made
I can move
Silence dancing around me
Anticipation with the audible rumble
Building within the rubble of my life
Patience turned into determination
Chaos thrown into the silence
As the world says welcome back.


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How It Should Be

Sprawled across the bed
Hair mussed up from the pillow
Chest rising slightly as you breathe
Taken half the covers, caught around
Your legs, though the thin sheet
Doesn’t leave much to the imagination
Your arm resting in my empty space
When your eyes finally flicker open
They search the room for clarity
Before landing on mine
And you smile.
As if life is only a dream, my dream.


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Distracted Mind

Spent all day thinking, dreaming

Of the ways that you can take me


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