Jump, Leap and Run

Have you ever thought it wouldn’t all work out?
That it is all to good to be true.
You are just waiting until it all comes
Waiting for the failure to arrive.
To busy to realize the success that’s already been accomplished.
Is it our fault or society’s?
Are we taught to always be on guard?
To keep the idea of failure in the back of our minds?
Are we taught to strive for success and that failing is failure.
A mistake.
Where do we draw the line?
Should we be afraid?
Avoiding activities or goals because we are afraid of failing?
Have we become so ashamed to not succeed?
Shouldn’t we take some risk,
Get past that nagging voice of fear in our heads.
We are essentially
Another door is always open
But if you don’t jump at the opportunity,
Then it just becomes a door.
An incomplete.
A risk can be that changing moment in your life,.
IF you fail, you failed.
Move on and get past it.
Live your life without fear because you have already faced your fear.
So, jump, leap, and run.


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