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Missed Exit

On the highway,
I’m in the fast lane,
But cars still pass by.
So many parts of me,
That I’m happy to be,
But I’m missing scraps.
You have to smile,
When your life is blessed,
Just out of respect.
Life is so fulfilling
Yet undeserving
If my heart is silent.


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Total Disregard

When I’m treated like a person

With no head or mind


It’s a parody

How you don’t think I see her

Apparently blind


Already a child

Of a single parent life

I know the clear signs


The slow rolling tears

Are proof that I live in fear

The nightmare is real


How I live with this

Uncontrollable control

Calm before the storm


Don’t even speak to me

About how I deal with my

Heart’s crumbling pieces

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Just Another Day

I’m just a girl with words

trying to decipher a code

that society will comprehend.

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You love me

But we

Are not the love

Of two

People who seek

To free

The beating, soft hearts

Of who

We will be

When time

Runs out for us

But the

Love of us

Will keep

Us alive into a

Never ending

Life of longing.

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Theres always been a voice

it can come as a low rumble

or high like a bird on a spring morning

the warmth of a hug from a friend

a cold wind of an enemy’s call

A voice, a calling, or God

I lost sight, grew doubts

of what my voice claimed to be

it’s a scary thing to be in the dark

from me, myself, my mind

How do you proceed?

How do you sit down and talk to

me, i mean you, no…me.

Play a game of who blinks first

me or the mirror, which is you

I’ve lost the ability to hear

everything going dull, bleak

words have lost their melody

the flow, the connection, the meaning

i’m a child wandering the lines of my sentences

Nothing familiar or remotely sane

complaining about losing my imaginary friend

even if that friend is me in the end

its who i trust or has always been

so, hey, whats my problem then?


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How I see it

To divulge in the truth

these days, is truly a sinful

treat, a white lie has become

the creme de la creme, shame

in a world that is often praised

by man, what do we have to

stand on, the foundation is

crumbling with every child who

asks, “What do I say?” Clouded

judgment of the superiors, what

is best is not always right, or am I

getting it wrong again, I’m sure

I’ll be corrected, wait till the world

finally sees how it ends.

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White Flag

Even with my eyes closing fast

The thought of you still fights vast

The last thought before i sleep

Angers me because I’m weak

I spend all day going forward

But spend all night getting nowhere

My defense falls at the last stage

My bed is viewed as a cage

I can’t get out or refrain

From what truly leaves me in pain

It would be worthwhile

If i could not smile

When your image arises

In front of my eyes.

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Happy Writing Poets!

Threw this together for National Poetry Day. In its raw state but I think its appropriate. Happy Writing Poets!!

The first time

the feeling is alien

yet trusting

it stews for days

determining a plan

an attack

of feelings and truth

crawling up inside

fighting to be expressed

and then…

a simple act

a sharpened pencil

blank piece of paper

releases an abundance

of phrases so eloquent

a feeling of awe

strikes you so perfectly

it all comes together

all thats left is a


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They started out sitting across from each other, but by the end of the hour they were sitting side by side. Giggling and enjoying each others company too much to notice the empty seats and deserted mugs of coffee around them. Her hands twitching nervously in her lap. His leg across his knee bouncing. The chemistry humming around them in an aurora that is invisible to only them. As it comes time for them to go their separate ways, they each keep avoiding the inevitable.

He makes a move to stretch his arm out behind her along the back of the leather booth. She unconsciously starts to tap her right foot as he moves closer to her side. Her body’s response to the excitement and nerves of what that move could mean.

Silences coming more often now.

They start analyzing everyone else in the cafe, a person’s shoes, what they are reading, a couple arguing in the corner. Every little thing to take the pressure off of them. Overlooking the perfect moment they are in. Two young hearts that have found a comrade for the first time. Hearts vibrating with the unmistakability of what is going to occur.

He smiles when she laughs, she blushes with a compliment.

She now moves to lean into his shoulder, he looks down and smiles as if they have sat that way forever.

She moves to sit up again but he keeps her there with his hand on her shoulder. She looks surprised but melts at his touch back into her spot. He reached and took her hand in her lap, turning it over and playing with her fingers. She watched for a moment before turning her head to his. As he leaned in and gave her a small kiss, their bodies were completely still.

People chatter. A child runs away from its mother. A girl is engrossed in the world that her novel is providing.

No one aware of the rare act taking place in front of them.

But me.

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