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No Control

This feeling isn’t new.
It’s like a skydiver has taken my heart as a parachute.
Free falling.
My heart holding on as it folds into itself,
Against the pressure of the wind and the view,
The ground growing closer,
Dots becoming shapes,
Shades of green and brown
Turning into backyards and farms.
When is the cord going to be pulled?
When is the relief going to come?
So that I know that my heart
Isn’t going to go splat on the sidewalk
Next to the promises that I made to myself.
I wear my heart on my sleeve,
Not in a romantic kind of way,
But in a truth kind of way,
In a goodness kind of way.
And yet, here I am again,
Losing the ground beneath my feet,
Air getting lost on the way to my lungs,
All because I trusted myself,
To squish down the feelings that are
Fighting a civil war in my chest.
I promised I wasn’t going to allow a person to be my trigger,
But what can I do if I gave them the bullet?

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I don’t have any fight

left in me.

I find myself saying Yes,

my soul saying No.


I keep forcing the battle

into a MMA cage,

My heart still comes bruised,

rusty and wasted.


The only sign outside

are the half moon

dents implanted

in the palm of my hand.


I’m so tired,

Wanting to stay

in my bed tired,

my face in a pillow.


I need a release.

Something more than

shattering a wall

of disappointment.

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My flower 

After all this time
My chest tightens with joy
As I go breathless.

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I write

so that you and I

can come alive.


In these 8 x 11 borders

we can be free

to know we can breathe.


Eyes can peer

fingers may hold us

but we don’t fuss


We are alive

taking long walks

across each lined block.


Greeting our fellow

vowels and consonants

that make our love sonnet.


Our only fault

to think we are immortal

when we are written in pencil.

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My Comeback….again.

I have been neglectful

my old friend,

I forgot the feeling

of paper and pen.

This leaves me regretful

but this is not the end.

I will leave you squealing

with my new found yen.







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Hidden Language of the Soul

People watched in awe

As they flew through

The air, smiles on their

Faces, defying Newton’s

Law till they came down

On the tips of their toes,

As if angels dancing upon

Clouds above, illuminating

With serenity, Moving as

Though the joy will cease

To exist, soul-stirring rhythms

Manipulating their bodies into

A perfect sync, until the music

Ended and they harmonized back

Into the human world, only

Needing the reminder of the

Music running through their

Veins, to know how they are

Truly connected.



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The Uninvited Truth

I mean no harm when I speak the truth
I’m just trying to watch out for you
But now all I hear is silence
Knowing my words did not come invited
So I sit holding my breath
Till I hear the familiar tone
Of  your message on my phone.



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So much joy
To be expressed
On paper


Can’t find the words
to show the feeling
of my heart


skipping beats
of exuberant delight
at the thought


of my life’s blessings
as I sit
in pleasurable denial.



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Fortune Cookie Poem

Sometimes the world
Has a crazy way
Of putting you in situations
So that you can be surprised
Just in time
Of what type of person
You really are



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Just Look Into Those Eyes

The sudden rush of emotion
Blood surging to your cheeks
Its like nothing else in the world
When you’re feeling something so sweet
You wonder if it’s true
Maybe your mind is pulling tricks
But when you look up into those of eyes of his
you couldn’t live with just a trick
To know that you are someone
That someone wants to know
Is something that can’t be taken
Or ever be mistaken
For we dream of love
Fairytales feeding our cravings
Leaving our minds full of hopes
And realities that aren’t quite the dreams
When our dreams and hopes
Fall from their high pedestals
We begin to learn
Love is not for the ungrateful
When that feeling comes around
We try to leave all skepticisms behind
Instead of questioning it’s motive
Just look into those eyes.


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