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I drew you today,

in light and darkness,

the way you stay,

in my mind of sadness.


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Oh, Sweet Indulgence

Curls, rosy cheeks,

A mask so sweet,

When she speaks,

Your knees go weak.


An angel with a broken wing,

She seeks love’s sting,

Risks angering her beloved king,

Maybe she will just stay for spring.


Spring turns into summer, fall,

Her shining glory, dust covers all,

Soon she will be forced to crawl,

Her lovers, she will no longer enthrall.


Lonely in the world she creates,

She shakes her wings and waits,

Broken wing gone, leaves it to the fates,

No longer can she make it back to the gates.


Saintly mask led her admirers in,

Stayed for the mask of mortal sin,

She now has to live with whats within,

Here is the world’s smallest violin.



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My Comeback….again.

I have been neglectful

my old friend,

I forgot the feeling

of paper and pen.

This leaves me regretful

but this is not the end.

I will leave you squealing

with my new found yen.







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Into the Fire

Out of the heart and into the fire

That’s where you and I will retire

For we can never aspire

To be what we desired

I’m preaching to the choir

I loved you prior

To you becoming a liar.


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The Secret I Can’t Spill (Early Roughdraft)

*Favorite thing I have written in a very long time.
I pretend memories don’t exist
Stuffed in the corners of my mind
Because I think it easier to be blind
But they never let be, always insist
It took me 15 years to hear a story
If I didn’t know anything about you
None of the hurt would cut through
You deserved more, deserved glory
For I remember all that is possible
The moments right before I was told
Your watch on mom’s arm, old & gold
Kneeling by the casket, the impossible
You’re the secret I hold dear, for fear
If I say too much, I won’t be able to recall
That I’m the girl that jumped at the call
From the swing, to greet you with cheer

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Where will this go?

Who are you and me?
The bees?
The trees?
I am down on my knees.
Begging, please.
I have lost all sight to see.
Two peas,
In a pod that has yet to be free.
Try and reason with the black sea.
The thunder rolling out a middle C.
Ever so faintly you can hear our plea.
Living as detainees,
In a world without a key.
We just want to be,
Anything you need.
Till we can be an escapee.


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A Writer’s Block Rhyme

My brain is too tired to write
I keep trying to ignite
Some crazy insight
But I keep getting a red light
So for my delight
I am writing this out of spite.



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