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Watching someone fade
Is like building a sand castle,
With bare hands and dry sand.
It takes a lot of energy,
To be naive.
To be constantly hopeful.
Grains of sand
Are cups of tea,
A Sunday morning donut,
A smile on a face,
They are what keeps you going,
What keeps you building the towers,
That stand guard against the rolling black clouds off shore,
Until all you are doing is looking up.
Unaware of the ground crumbling beneath you,
Unaware of why the castle is getting smaller,
Unaware of why a laugh is making you feel uneasy,
But you knew.
You knew before your soul wanted know,
You knew that it was all slipping through your fingers,
Like dry sand and bare hands,
You lost all control.
Now a laugh is a symptom,
A donut is now a reminder,
Of what could make you smile,
And tea is what I have when I think of you.

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Total Disregard

When I’m treated like a person

With no head or mind


It’s a parody

How you don’t think I see her

Apparently blind


Already a child

Of a single parent life

I know the clear signs


The slow rolling tears

Are proof that I live in fear

The nightmare is real


How I live with this

Uncontrollable control

Calm before the storm


Don’t even speak to me

About how I deal with my

Heart’s crumbling pieces

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Out of Nowhere

Everything is so familiar
Like an ocean breeze
Smelling of salt, warmed
With the summer’s heat
As if you never leave
The memories still vivid
Mixing of good and bad
Heart and mind spinning
Lingering feelings of nostalgia
The last few weeks of summer,
We slowly divulge as the
World gets back to work
You were cold, but kept me warm
As my rose-tinted glasses
Clear, let me relish what’s near
As I dream of you in the ocean’s breeze.



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