Theres always been a voice

it can come as a low rumble

or high like a bird on a spring morning

the warmth of a hug from a friend

a cold wind of an enemy’s call

A voice, a calling, or God

I lost sight, grew doubts

of what my voice claimed to be

it’s a scary thing to be in the dark

from me, myself, my mind

How do you proceed?

How do you sit down and talk to

me, i mean you, no…me.

Play a game of who blinks first

me or the mirror, which is you

I’ve lost the ability to hear

everything going dull, bleak

words have lost their melody

the flow, the connection, the meaning

i’m a child wandering the lines of my sentences

Nothing familiar or remotely sane

complaining about losing my imaginary friend

even if that friend is me in the end

its who i trust or has always been

so, hey, whats my problem then?


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3 responses to “Insight

  1. melxdyy

    Maybe the problem was you being unable to find yourself back..

    P.S I hope you’ve already found yourself rn :)

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