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I’m sitting in the prime location,


A spot, where you can watch your world,

Another beginning, everything has paused,

You recognize the people in line,

The couple at the window,

The girl slouched in the corner over her laptop,

It’s natural, down to the macchiato on the table,

Everything that has past is still here,

I have a front row seat to the story of me,

Every cringe worthy moment on hand,

Hypnotizing, sending anxiety drones hurling,

A sound of unfamiliar cadence captures me

Just outside the window, beyond the haze,

The torturing repetition is encapsulating,

I need to swim through the stars,

Following the notes to a new scene,

Escape route unknown, my post has no more advantage,

My world has hit it’s climax,

But its a world that I have experienced,

I just need to take my coffee to go.


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Fitting you in

I think in words,

syllables as building blocks,

a game of tetris until

the right pieces fit.


Phrases bounce around,

turning into stanzas,

til stanzas fit stanzas,

so a poem sits right here.


You are the random bolt,

the square in my round peg,

the lost instructions,

you are my monday morning.


You sit on the tip of my tongue,

waiting to dive into my throat,

so I can give you life through,

my voice that hides in the back,


I’m missing the lego piece,

that connects you to,

my inner realm that

flows out of this pen.


You are scary.

Knowing you can disrupt

with so much calm,

something so sacredly simple.

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20 years later…

My heart still searches.

Nothing I write comes out right,

When I try writing about you.

You are my biggest secret, its true.

I locked you away, guarded by a knight.

My heart still searches.

I pretend memories don’t exist.

Left in the desert of my mind.

I think its easier to be blind.

It’s not safe, even for a quick tryst.

My heart still searches.

It took me 15 years to hear a story.

Knowing nothing about you was safer.

Using the future as an eraser.

You deserved more, deserved glory.

My heart still searches.

For I remember all that is possible.

The moments right before I was told,

Your watch on mom’s arm, old & gold,

Kneeling by the casket, the impossible.

My heart still searches.

You’re the secret I hold dear, for fear,

If I say too much, I won’t be able to recall,

That I’m the girl that jumped at your call,

From the swing, to greet you with cheer.

My heart still searches for your voice in my ear.


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Happy Writing Poets!

Threw this together for National Poetry Day. In its raw state but I think its appropriate. Happy Writing Poets!!

The first time

the feeling is alien

yet trusting

it stews for days

determining a plan

an attack

of feelings and truth

crawling up inside

fighting to be expressed

and then…

a simple act

a sharpened pencil

blank piece of paper

releases an abundance

of phrases so eloquent

a feeling of awe

strikes you so perfectly

it all comes together

all thats left is a


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Coming to Terms

Heard a song today on the radio
It sang
What’s the greatest chapter in your book?
Are there pages where it hurts to look?”
I gave the thought a ponder or two
Diaries stuffed in the bottom of drawers
Keeping all those secrets moments
Making me cringe at just the thought
Now take all those cringing moments
They might stack up to the ceiling
But I have to give them thanks
If it wasn’t for all those scribbled journals
 I wouldn’t be writing this.

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And Yet…. A Mystery

You are the page in my diary
That I don’t want to stop writing
The story that I want to keep re-reading
The fairytale that I wake up to in the morning


And yet…


I stand cursing your name to the heavens
You’re the definition of frustration
Impossible to not drive a person crazy
Visually picture your head with darts


Any yet….


You are still a mystery.




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Embracing Comfort

To me
You’re just a blur
In a picture
That won’t focus
Giving a migraine
Of longing pain
That digs into
My one weakness
That is always
Looking back
Giving the comfort
To know
You are close enough
For me to go
Running back
To you
So I can
keep walking



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