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I thought time apart was what we needed.
But I can see now that’s what you wanted.
Trying to talk is like trying to hold water in the palm of your hand,
Always a losing battle.
Its all you and no me.
While that’s how it always seemed.
My head is beginning to compete,
With my heart’s denial,
We are two stubborn heads.
The lightening and thunder of a storm,
You grab my attention and I grumble,
Just waiting on the storm to pass.
At least for a brief moment
Wasn’t there a happier time?
When we were unstoppable.
You made my heart go a flutter.
So what went wrong?
Was it my rose colored glasses?
Wanting something so bad,
It was doomed from first glance.
It was us.
So take your time. 
I have spent all mine. 

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Early morning,


everyone is sleeping

and there’s just you.

No one to bother you, interrupt your thoughts,

Or remind you of the present.

When you can just think or not think.

When you can dream or fantasize.

Time to think of your life, friends, or family.

Escape into a book, a movie, or just the silence.

My time. Bliss.


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