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I’m here for now….

I float above the skies,

where I am untouchable.

I am finally somewhere

you have to look up to me.

You can’t escape my tears.

The more I need,

the bigger that they become,

so that you feel like drowning.

The pain comes in low rumbles,

clouding your sight of all light.

until only my image can appear,

a constant reminder.

The worst is yet to come.

When you can do nothing

but look until your eyes hurt,

flowers will grow in spite of

the wallowing bird songs.

A sign that I am all gone

except for the mark that

I finally made on your heart.


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Hitting Pause

What a week!
Or was it a month?
Everywhere I turned
So many emotions
A business venture
A funeral
Late nights
Early mornings
So much joy
Yet so much sadness
Mentally exhausted
I never let myself stop moving
In fear of a mental lapse
Even in sleep
Wheels keep turning
Needing a way to escape
My world
So I thank you all for writing such beautiful works
Allowing me to take a few minutes
And take glimpses into your worlds
While hitting pause on mine

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For the Best

 Tomorrow is the day
That I will want to go into hiding
To hide from the stares
Waiting for me to break.
Pushing back the thoughts
The feelings and memories
That the looks of despair
Bring back all too much.
I never do break
The attention would be unbearable
So I wait till the dark of night
When my tears won’t be interrupted.
You’d think it would get better
Be indifferent
But 18 years
Doesn’t change a thing.
So I will take the day with grace
Not hide, but embrace
I will tell story after story
Smile at every look and stare.
For the day isn’t’ my day
Not mine to wallow in self-pity
But to remember the best
Happy Father’s Day, Dad. 


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