The Reveal

Before you can move on,
You have to admit what went wrong.
Do you know how long that took?
Before the guilt-ridden feelings,
Stubborn-ness and anger passed,
Allowing my mind to finally,
Believe what my heart was telling me.
I turned myself into someone you needed,
The rock that you could always lean on.
 I was being pushed into the ground,
Not being able to come up to breathe.


No longer a rock but a pebble,
Being tossed around by someone’s shoe.
All the sad and broken feelings,
The passive aggressive revealing,
Must seem dark,
Getting a glimpse into my heart.
But through the year of self imposed torture,
I knew my heart was still pure,
I still wanted to apologize,
For leaving you without your rock. 
I just –
Couldn’t take it any longer.


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