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A Drift 

I’m a nomad,

With a home,

Not far away

But long enough.

A pink pillow

The only clue

Where I lay,

Where I’m safe.

Breath of air

Feeds wandering eyes

Feet turned backwards

Heart looks forward.

I’m a nomad,

No clear direction

Birds fly east

Toward beginnings.

Only one pair

On the path

My fingers reach

Grasping at air.

A northern star

Fades at dark,

The story unclear,

But I’m here.


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Glorious Sun

Under the glorious sun

try and find the fun

With so little a stake

It’s not hard to partake

Feel the heat on your skin

It’s not hard to pin

Everything is so alive

Under the big blue sky

Find some water to splash

Go out with a bash

Find some children that laugh

Climb a tree high as a giraffe

When the sun is out shining

Don’t leave yourself pining

For the night will come calling

The sun will start falling.

By: HonestLynne

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