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Tango of Flirtation


You make my heart race.
It’s been months.
But to no avail,
You have done it again.
You make me doubt myself.
Am I just weak?
When you come within five feet,
My mind just starts to fade.
Your presence is daunting.
Knowing the affect you have on me.
You speak,
But I can only focus on your lips
Memories flooding of where they have been
Your eyes look through me.
As if they know exactly where my mind has been.
Now it becomes a dance,
A tango of flirtation.
Frustration comes with flirtation
Knowing there is a line I must not cross
Should not cross.
The jury is still deciding
What if’s are being questioned
Whispering in my ear as we dance.
What’s the harm?
Just one kiss.


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