To Save Myself

I’m not a parent

I have no offspring

No one with my eyes

Not even my smile


And yet…


I’m up to my elbows

In squeaks and squawks

Hair is going wild

What is a shower?


New language of the tongue

Combine making phrases

Of I said so’s and

Do not disrespect me!


I sound my like mother

Oh how can this be?

When did my life turn

Into a party for twenty-three?


My name is now obsolete

No lover can save it

No more a name but phonics

That crawl up the spine


How do they do it?

They will pull you in

Straight from the chest

Till your glasses are rosy


I have chosen this

Unorthodox way of life

Of spending a year

With not my spawn


Force thyself to be

The one who holds

Their worlds in the

Pit of my stomach


Taking the time to

Cast, form, and shape

The incorruptible

Citizens of my heart


Noting each day

I must bear to be

In their constant

Unwavering presence


This way I must be

When June 21st appears

My world will hush

A wet smile on my face

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